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Subaru BRZ Sports Coupe

Subaru has recently unveiled one of the company’s newest vehicle models that will be sold in the US automobile market this year and this is the Subaru BRZ Sports coupe. The BRZ made its first appearance in the USA at the 2012 North American International Auto Show held in Detroit last January. Upon seeing the  Subaru BRZ, a lot of car buyers, vehicle experts, and other car enthusiasts were impressed with the sports coupe’s appearance. In addition to this, they were also amazed by some of the vehicle’s significant features.

The Subaru BRZ sports coupe has lower vehicle weight, very precise steering, and low center of gravity just like most sports car models in the market. This is powered by an FA-series 2.0-liter Boxer engine mated to either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The Boxer engine is capable of producing up to 200 horsepower and the power produced by the engine is passed into the vehicle’s rear wheels. The power output produced by the sport car’s engine is considered to be common in its segment but Subaru expects that the overall performance of the BRZ will be able to stand out against its closest competitors in the segment.

The FA-series Boxer engine used in the BRZ is exclusively used by the model alone and this is not shared with any other Subaru vehicle. In addition to this, the materials used in the producing the engine is lightweight and these are capable of reducing the amount of friction produced when the vehicle is running. Due to this the BRZ is expected to offer an impressive running performance without the need to consume larger amounts of fuel.

Aside from the characteristics enumerated earlier, a lot of car experts have also noted that the Subaru BRZ sports coupe has frameless doors. But despite of the absence of the frames, the vehicle’s doors are obviously strong and this could be considered as a boost in its safety features. Thanks to the company’s use of the so-called “ring structure.” In addition to this, the doors are made of high-tensile-strength steel that further improve the doors’ sturdiness and resilience in the event of side crashes or collisions.

Given all of these features, it is very much possible for the Subaru BRZ sports coupe to emerge as one of the most sought-about sports car models for this year. This possible outcome could be considered as a very important event for the company since most of the sport car models in the market are also subjected to upgrades to further enhance their own performance.

A Worthy 2013 SA Car of the Year Finalist

It was only a matter of time before the Hyundai i30 was to receive the recognition it so rightfully deserves. So when the 1.8 Executive model was named a finalist for this year’s prestigious South African Car of the Year awards, it certainly didn’t come as any surprise. Not to the public, not to the critics and certainly not to the many proud owners already experiencing all its benchmark offerings first-hand.

Three i30 models – all great choices

Hyundai offers a choice of 3 petrol-driven i30 models: 1.6 GLS manual, 1.6 GLS auto and 1.8 GLS manual. All are fitted with 6-speed transmissions and all offer plenty of power and torque on command. The 1.6L models churn out a generous 95kW at 6300rpm and 157Nm at 4850rpm while the 1.8L derivative delivers a punchy 110kW at 6500rpm and 178Nm at 4700rpm. And even though the i30 promises swift acceleration, fuel consumption figures as well as CO2 emissions remain low.

A dynamic drive that’s as safe as it gets

Aside from its striking good looks, the Hyundai i30 offers a powerful and confident drive with precise gear changes, responsive steering and technologies like cruise control and rear park assist at the driver’s fingertips. On the safety front, Hyundai ensured that every active and passive feature box gets ticked. Enhanced braking systems including ABS, EBD, ESP and Vehicle Stability Management as well as 6 airbags come standard on all models. As a result the Hyundai i30 received a 5 Star Euro NCAP safety rating which allows drivers to enjoy some added peace of mind.

Comfort, convenience and luxury guaranteed

The list of extras on the Hyundai i30 seems never-ending. Though nobody’s complaining. Security is taken care of by central locking, remote keyless entry, an alarm, immobiliser and doors that lock automatically at 15km/h. Interior comfort is enhanced by dual zone air conditioning, a cooling glove box, electric windows, clever storage nooks and an advanced radio/CD/MP3 system with USB and iPod ports as well as auxiliary port to connect to or charge other devices.

With sporty alloy wheels, striking headlamp and taillight fittings, an aerodynamic rear spoiler, a high mounted LED stop lamp and electric folding mirrors along with sleek yet bold contour lines, the Hyundai i30 has been designed to stop you in your tracks. The only other feature that might impress you even more – a very competitive price tag.

The Wide Body Supersport Panamera With Body Kit and Porsche Rims

Although it has created both positive and negative comments from the automotive enthusiast community and general public, the Porsche Panamera has been quite successful throughout its production run since the middle-2000s, and has even resulted in a new generation of models. The outgoing generation of the Panamera offered a great blend of luxury and capability along with the sporty character that the German automaker is known for with their automobiles. One British aftermarket tuning company is now offering customers a new upgrade kit that adds an even sportier character to the exterior and ride thanks to a new wide body supersport kit and new Porsche rims, along with a custom-tailored plush interior to suit any taste imaginable.

The four-door coupe styling of the Panamera gave it a sleek profile and more athletic look than other luxury sedans in the segment. The engineers and designers at the British aftermarket company decided to take advantage of this by creating a new body kit from a mix of carbon fiber and polyurethane with an OEM quality fitment that emphasizes sport, power, and performance even more.

The new wide body supersport upgrade kit starts out at the front where a new fascia with integrated LED daytime running lights in the air intake vents and a new spoiler lip generates downforce at the front axle while adding a touch of style. A new pair of front fenders extends outwards by a total of 80 mm and houses the new Porsche rims while also incorporating front and rear vents for better airflow. A set of side skirts run towards the rear where they are met by another pair of extended fenders at the rear axle with air vents. The enlarged fenders blend into the new rear bumper that features a new diffuser and exhaust outlets. A new rear trunk spoiler similar to that of the 911s creates downforce to keep both of the rear Porsche rims planted on the pavement.

In terms of performance, the British team installed a new sports suspension system along with a new stainless steel exhaust with special design. The suspension lowers the overall ride height by a total of 15 mm for better overall handling dynamics. The factory wheels and tires were both removed for new forged Porsche rims in a wider 9.5 x 20 front and 11.0 x 20 rear setup with corresponding sports tires and a slick matte black finish. Behind the wheels are newly painted gold brake calipers that contrast the black finish of each wheel.

Customers have a wide range of options with the Panamera when it comes to the interior. Special leather with a quilted design can be installed with soft alcantara on the seats, dashboard, doors, and console areas. New carbon fiber trim pieces, custom-tailored clocks, along with colored gauges can be installed as well. The British company will also build any type of special accessory for customers.

Introducing the Yamaha Raptor 250R

Yamaha Motors welcomes its newest addition in their Sport ATV line–the Yamaha Raptor 250R. Boasting the qualities of the Raptor 250 and improved performance and handling thanks to its piggyback reservoir shocks, the Yamaha is ready to conquer the track and trail.

Short History

It was 1988 when Yamaha Motors introduced Yamaha Blaster 200. From its release, it quickly gained popularity in all ATV lovers all over the world and became one of the best selling quads of all time. However, the emission restrictions have changed over the years and became more restrictive. Yamaha Blaster, with its two-stroke power plant, has lost its charm and then Yamaha Motors decided to cut its production in 2007. After a year, they released its modern and sportier successor: the 2008 Yamaha Raptor 250.

2 years have passed and now Yamaha Motors is now aiming for higher ambition with the Raptor 250. Just arrived in the market is the wilder Yamaha Raptor 250R.

Key Features

·Intimidating Raptor style and stance and bold and stylish design

·Ergonomically-designed for all-day sport-riding

·Five-speed manual transmission that has gear for every terrain

·Lightweight 249cc, air-cooled engine

·Low-profile 19-inch rear tires for superb traction and performance

·Longest suspension travel and lowest seat in its Raptor class

·Most lightweight Quad ATV that is greatly maneuverable and provides nimble handling

The lightest Quad ATV

Yamaha Raptor 250R is considered the most lightweight Quad ATV in the market. What makes it even more awesome is that it performs it gives each rider the most powerful experience in the track and trail. Each part of this wonderful Quad ATV is a perfect mix to make it the most lightweight.

The low weight rating of the 250R is thanks to a combination of aluminum wheels and Dunlop ATV tires. These tires reduce unsprung weight and allow the suspension to work more, without restraint. The compact steel frame of the 250R engine provides strength and lightweight power plant. By using advance and updated technology, this Quad ATV is able to create a 4-stroke air cooled engine that is 50 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the Yamaha Blaster.

One of the reasons why this Quad ATV has a low weight rating is because of the combination of aluminum wheels and Dunlop ATV tires. These tires reduce unsprung weight and allow the suspension to work more, without restraint.

Also adding to its lightweight design is the compact steel frame of the 250R engine provides strength and lightweight power plant. By using advance and updated technology, this lightweight ATV is able to create a 4-stroke air cooled engine that is 50 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the Yamaha Blaster. Compared to a full-size ATV from Polaris, Honda or Suzuki, the 250R is also lighter by 50 pounds.

Clearly the Yamaha has succeeded in creating the best ATV in the market: the Yamaha Raptor 250R.

Salvage Cars Significance in Automobile Industry

The business of salvage cars and the parts of such cars contribute to a major part of automotive/automobile industry in the US economy. It has provided jobs for thousands of people not only in US but elsewhere in the world. There are uncountable companies today which make their livelihood out of this business. In this article we will see the practical aspects of salvage car business, precautions to be taken while buying such cars and factors that affect the resale value of such cars.

The salvage titled car is one which faces damage in many ways like a natural calamity like flood or earthquake and mainly by a road accident. Such cars are usually rated with a very less value or even of no value by the insurance companies in the US. The factors that affect this value are the current value of the same car in the market. If the expenditure to repair the damaged car is more than half of its current price, it will be declared as salvage motor.

Then how do such cars get buyers? And how did this salvage business flourish?

Over the period of a decade these cars managed to get a good number of buyers, so much so that the business expanded its reign into the internet world. Not only the auto auctions are held in different parts of the country but also conducted in many websites. The resale value of such cars is individually decided by the buyers but generally, the buyers get carried away with the value declared by the insurance companies.

The reason for this is the extent of damage done to the car. Even after the car is repaired and is ready for use, it is viewed with high suspicions regarding the healthy working of the engine. The buyers generally used to prefer used cars over salvage title cars. Overcoming these hurdles, the automobile auctions performed considerably well in terms of specific salvage cars like Ford and Chevrolet. Sometimes the auto auctions even conduct exclusive ford salvage car auctions and Chevrolet salvage car auctions.

The buyers mainly look at the brand names of automobiles in such cases.

The online presence of this business is through certain websites which allow viewers to actively participate in online auctions and online sale and purchase of repaired cars, damaged cars and salvage title cars. There are two ways of doing this business; one is to buy them and have them in the junkyard. They are also called as Salvage Yards. Owners preserve them in a junkyard and buyers just choose a car of their wish and purchase it. Or even take a few parts from salvage cars and pay only for the parts. This type of business is usually termed as You-Pull-It-Yard. The other way of doing is to buy such cars, repair and sell them or even auction them. There are many companies and individual owners doing this work in their websites.

There are websites which sell reasonably cheap and good salvage cars online; which are mostly privately owned. There are also the US government websites which give information of different used cars like and These are maintained by the government so you need not worry about the duplicate content issues.

As much as it is advantageous and profitable business, certain precautions should be taken while purchasing these cars from dealers. Be careful of fraud dealers who fake the authenticity of the repaired cars. Some tips to value the rates are: find out the exact value assigned by the insurance company of that car before purchasing it, compare the value of salvage car with that of a new car of the same model. By doing this, one will clearly know the genuineness of the proposed rates. Some dealers also include the repair cost into the resale cost. Exclude any such repair costs when you buy salvage cars or salvage auto parts; make sure you clearly have an idea of the market rates of all automobiles.

Find out about more dealers and junkyard from the store locator provided in various websites including the two sites mentioned above.