Skoda Fabia Scout Launched at Rs 6.79 Lakh

The Czech auto maker, Skoda’s Indian subsidiary Skoda India launched the hatchback Skoda Fabia in India in the year 2008. The car when launched was stuffed with a host of innovative features that were absent in other hatchbacks in its segment. The looks of the hatchback are inspired from the European style, making it and upmarket hatch. The hatchback from Skoda is loaded with luxury features in the interiors. Skoda has pricey cars in its portfolio and hence hatchback did not get good response from the customers due to its hefty price tag. India is a price sensitive market and over priced cars do not do well in the domestic market.

Last year the company launched cut price variant of Fabia that is powered with a much sturdy engine. As of now, the hatchback is available in three engine options in the domestic market. Theses engine options are the 1.2 litre mill producing 75 bhp of power along with a 1.6 litre gasoline engine and a 1.2 litre TDI CR diesel powertrain. The three trims offered under the Fabia hatchback are Skoda Fabia Classic, Skoda Fabia Ambiente and Skoda Fabia Elegance. Skdoa Fabia price now stands at Rs 4.46 lakh for the base petrol variant while the top end version of the Fabia diesel hatch comes with a price tag of Rs 7.25 lakh (all prices mentioned ex-showroom price).

Fabia is packed with features like fog lamps, driver’s side airbag and rear AC vents. The hatch has now been assembled locally that is why the cost has been reduced drastically. Features like side airbags, rear defogger, powered mirrors and rear wash wipe were excluded from Fabia to make it affordable. Some of the prominent changes made in the hatchback include modification in front bumper that now looks bigger and has changed the overall look of the car substantially.

Despite the induction of cut price variants of Fabia the hatchback still could not do well in the domestic market. The presence of diesel version has also not been able to do any good to the car. In order to lift up its sales, Skoda recently launched the Fabia Scout version in India. Skoda Fabia Scout is a combination of both luxury and comfort, the hatch has been bestowed with exquisite features that are no present in other hatchbacks in its segment. The interiors are roomier and made of high class material that renders it an upmarket look. Fabia is a perfect urban class car, a pioneer in its segment that comes with innovative features which are absent in other premium hatchbacks. Customers now a days do not only look for performance and dependability but also look for an oomph factor in the vehicle.

Contemporary buyers also give importance to luxury, quality and profusion while zeroing in on a car, Skoda Fabia Scout offers all this. Fabia Scout comes with dual airbags, audio player, power windows, remote controlled locking system, the hatchback has a sporty look.Skoda Fabia Scout is intromitted in both petrol and diesel trim levels, the price of Fabia Scout starts from Rs 6.79 lakh and goes up to Rs 8.10 lakh (ex-showroom price).

The Hamann G 65 AMG With COR Wheels and 700+ HP

The Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG is one of the big boys in the SUV game. It’s more than capable of handling any type of off-road, rugged terrain thanks to its history with the German automaker. While it may have been mainly used to conquer rough terrains in the past, the G-Class models have transformed into more of a road-going SUV thanks to the wealthy consumers that purchase them. Mercedes-Benz has shown no plans to change the way it is built for off-road duty to create a more comfortable ride on the streets, so the aftermarket car tuning team at Hamann in Germany has developed a new upgrade program that turns the SUV into a boulevard cruiser with a large amount of power and exclusive styling upgrades. The new G 65 AMG upgrade program includes a range of new engine modifications, a wide body exterior kit, new COR Wheels and other chassis upgrades to create a one-of-a-kind G-Class.

The engineering team at Hamann in Germany first decided to focus on the massive 6.0-liter V-12 engine hiding beneath the hood. The twin-turbocharged engine packed quite a bit of potential that was able to be tapped into through the use of a new software tune. The tune alters a variety of engine parameters from fuel delivery to ignition, spark, and timing variables to create even more power than before. A new stainless steel exhaust system with side-exit design and three tailpipes finished in anodized gold-colored aluminum helps to reduce backpressure so that the SUV’s turbochargers can spool more efficiently. The result is a total of 702 horsepower and 811 lb-ft. of torque being sent to all four of the COR Wheels at the front and rear axles for greater acceleration and top speed performance.

After the engine was upgraded, the team shifted their focus on the exterior of the G 65 AMG. The entire SUV was repainted and given new multi-layered paint with a special illumination feature that, when exposed to electric current, glows in the dark. The paint runs the length of the SUV and is also worn by the front and rear logos, and can be lit up with the push of a button. The front fascia was equipped with new LED lighting and a lip spoiler to generate greater amounts of downforce while creating a more aggressive look. Both the front and rear fenders were extended a total of 76 mm to give the high-performance SUV a more muscular stance when combined with the COR Wheels. A new rear bumper with diffuser insert and roof spoiler helps to build upon the more aggressive look and generate more downforce for better stability.

The final step was the chassis where the team wanted to give the SUV a stylish and comfortable ride with better handling. The suspension was modified with new comfort springs that lower the ride height and achieve a more road-worthy ride. The factory rim and tire setup was removed for new forged COR Wheels in a three-piece construction with a 22-inch diameter. Each wheel was also equipped with new Michelin tires that offer good levels of grip with a quiet ride quality.

Car Vs SUV for a Large Family

Consumers are often looking for a comfortable vehicle that not only carries all their family members from one place to another, but also one that helps them perform their daily chores safely and reliably. Finding the right car or SUV can be a challenge. One has to look at all aspects such as features, versatility, styling and safety in addition to prices and quality. With the gas prices soaring, one also has to keep an eye on the fuel economy too.

Thanks to the many recent advancements in automotive technologies, buyers have a number of quality, innovative vehicles to to choose from. Many small families are feeling confused about whether to go with an SUV or buy a car. Let us take a look at some of the aspects and benefits that can perhaps reduce your confusion.

The SUV or sports utility vehicle was originally intended for difficult terrain and off-road driving. Designed with high clearance and a body-on-frame chassis, there is a strong engine powering the vehicle. These were the best choice for exploring the wilderness in Alaska or going on an African safari. Gradually, SUVs have emerged as a popular choice among suburban families for daily use. This is because SUVs have proved themselves to be a convenient vehicle even in an urban setting. Today one will find more people driving SUVs than minivans. Quick to notice the craze, manufacturers are constantly designing and building more improved models to suit the city life and large families.

There are a number of reasons why one should choose an SUV over a regular car for their family. Here are a few of the most important ones:

More space

Thanks to its generous proportions, SUVs have spacious interiors and many have a third row of seats to carry extra passengers or additional baggage or cargo.

Better handling

SUV’s are better on city roads, thanks to their higher ground clearance. This is a more suitable class of vehicle and handles those rough patches on the roads much better than a regular car can.

Higher driving position

With a higher perch, one gets a better view of the road ahead and can keep a good eye on the traffic. This can help you make quick, important decisions when driving, especially in crowded cities.

Better hauling

Thanks to their size and larger cargo capacities, they are much better for hauling large amounts of groceries, camping equipment, sports equipment, etc. The rear seats can be removed and make an even bigger space for your stuff.

More power

One can feel all that power and muscle as soon as they get behind the wheel of an SUV. We all love to feel a vehicle’s power and if we can get it without sacrificing comfort and space, why not?

More safety features

With superior capabilities for handling & braking, a stronger frame and multiple parking and driving sensors and cameras, the SUV is much safer for your family than a car is.

SUVs are quickly becoming the first choice for families, as they offer comfortable passenger seating, attractive exteriors, great performance and power while providing respectable fuel economy. They are much safer than they have been in the past, offer a great driving experience and the advantage of a great capacity for passengers and cargo. Most people choose to buy an SUV over a car as it fulfills more of their wants and needs.

What Are the Best High MPG SUV Models?

Getting the best fuel economy possible is pretty important these days given that the price of gas is around the four dollar mark and seems likely to surpass that if geo-political events continue on the track they have been on for some time now.

The good news is that even the dollar price of gas keeps going up at the pump there are ways you can keep the impact on your finances to a minimum and some of this information can be especially helpful if you are about to start shopping for a new SUV.

Sport Utility Vehicles are very practical in some ways. If you need to carry a lot of cargo, several passengers or tow a heavy load they can be very useful. Their downside has been the tendency to use a lot of fuel and thus cost a lot to drive even if you are taking a highway trip where fuel mileage is typically much better than in urban driving.

The new generation of SUVs is much better at using less fuel than the models we used to have and some of them are actually more efficient than common full-size sedans. There are a couple different approaches to take if you want to get the best gas mileage from your new SUV. If you are attracted to hybrid technology there are a number of hybrid models that will give you pretty good fuel mileage in urban driving and typical return similar mileage on the highway.

The downside of hybrid models is the risk that they won’t have a reliable battery life and that it will cost a lot to replace the batteries. Another detractor for hybrid SUVs is the fact that you can get better fuel mileage on the highway with some more traditional power plants. The reason for this is that the way hybrid drive systems work favors stop and go driving in the city where the brakes can recharge the battery and the vehicle can run on battery power (typically at speeds up to 25 or 35 MPH).

An alternative if hybrid technology doesn’t appeal to you is to get a diesel powered SUV. There are an increasing number of very impressive diesel vehicles coming to the U.S. market and at this point they are all from German automakers. The Audi Q7 TDI, Volkswagen Touraeg and BMW X5 are examples of what we’re talking about here. Probably the most efficient of these models is the VW which can get over 30 MPG in highway driving and yet puts out torque figures from it’s V6 engine that could be considered respectable for a V8 powered gasoline model.

While diesel powered models might not do quite so well in urban driving (this point is up for testing and debate) they don’t feature the more complicated and non-conventional drive systems that hybrids do and you may end up spending less on repair costs during the course of ownership.