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Preventing Mold During RV Storage

Those individuals that have an RV know that they will not be able to use it all of the time. In fact, they know that they must be able to store their RV somewhere when it is not being use. If you are lucky enough to be close to an RV storage facility then you could end up with a wonderful option. But, if you are not able to do this then you will want to make sure that you are taking necessary steps to prevent this mold on your own. There is no reason to worry about this because it can be done as long as you have a few tips.

It is best to start by making a list of different locations in your RV where mold is most likely to build up. You are going to see that most of the time this is going to be in the closets and drawers. Therefore, you will want to open these up and let them air out. It is a great way to help things dry out so that you may not have mold growing in these locations. There are many individuals that are also going to take the time to put some newspapers down in these locations to help pull some of the moisture out of the air. If you do decide to follow through with this you are going to find that it is a good idea to actually check the newspapers. If you find that they are wet then you will need to change them.

Now, there are some individuals that do not want to put newspapers in their drawers. Does that sound like you? If so then you will be pleased to know that you do have another option. It is not very difficult to simply open up a box of baking soda and let it sit in the closet or in the drawers. This has been known to help draw some of the moisture out of the air.

If you have access to your RV then you will want to make sure that you are putting some effort into fighting mold throughout the winter months. Those individuals that have access to their RVs will find that they have some very nice options because they are going to be able to check on their RV from time to time. It is actually recommended that you take the time to open your windows each and every day. Letting some fresh air in will help decrease the likelihood of any mold building up. Therefore, if you have the time to open the windows in your RV on a daily basis then you should do that.