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What’s the Deal With Windshield Repair?

Should you repair or replace your cracked windshield? If you let your insurance company decide that question for you it will probably be repair. Why? Cost, it is much cheaper to repair than replace. Some insurance companies only are concerned with the bottom line.

As a windshield installer for the past thirty five years, let me give you three good reasons not to repair your windshield. As windshield repair is a gimmick in my opinion.

1.In some states like here in Connecticut if the damage is in the wiper swipe it is illegal to perform windshield repair. The wiper swipe is any part of your windshield that is cleared off by the windshield wipers. Think about it, about eighty to ninety percent of your windshield is in the swipe area.

2.Windshield repair is a temporary fix. If you had to have your vehicle inspected, it is perfect for hiding the crack temporarily. After a while the sun will discolor the liquid that they pump in there and it’s like it was never fixed. In fact, it may be more distracting after it turns colors.

3.The procedure is to pump a liquid in the damaged area. Is it really fixed? Not in my opinion, it’s like applying a bandage on a wound that will never heal. It’s still cracked. They just try to hide it with a liquid.

I have seen this procedure first hand and walked away shaking my head wondering why anyone would want to do this to their windshield. Plus, if you haven’t had a new windshield in a while it becomes pitted and is very difficult to see in the sun light or at night. If you have picked up a crack, more than likely it’s been hit many times already and is probably pitted.

If you have a cracked windshield, replace it don’t settle for windshield repair. It is bogus. If your insurance company insists on windshield repair, refuse that type of service and demand a new one. You have that right and you also have the right to choose your own glass company.

Be sure to choose a licensed glass shop in your area. There are a lot fly by night shops out there. You pay a lot of money for your vehicles so you want quality work at a fair price. Do the homework before you have this procedure done because proper preparation before installing a windshield will keep your car from having rust issues which may cause water leaks.